Designer Nick Chubarov & illustrator Marina Smiian

Corporate identity «Adam’s»

Corporate identity «Adam’s» Design task: Creating logo, corporate identity, package, marketing materials for «Adam’s» – The logo Corporate Identity Package design Creative Corporate identity: Adam’s Water Delivery Shop-Gallery specializes in the production of purified water. The company also delivers bottled water to offices, schools and people. “Adam’s” constantly participates in social events, supports kindergartens […]

Corporate identity «Shcherbakov SMM Agency»

SMM company

Corporate identity «Shcherbakov SMM Agency» Design task: Development of corporate identity, design for social networks, marketing materials for «Shcherbakov SMM Agency». The logo Corporate Identity Illustration Social media Creative Corporate identity: «Shcherbakov SMM Agency» is a company engaged in social media marketing (advertising in social networks). Works in the directions of Facebook, Instagram advertising. It […]

Corporate identity, illustrations «Business Magi»

«Business Magi»

Corporate identity, illustrations «Business Magi» Design task: Creating logo, design, illustrations for books, marketing design, style for social networks for Business School for Kids. The logo Corporate Identity Illustration Social media Books Creative Corporate identity: Business Magicians is not only a series of books, but also a school for child development. The style incorporates the […]