Designer Nick Chubarov & illustrator Marina Smiian

Logo, packaging and labels for «Ms.Tally»

«Ms.Tally» is a manufacturer of gluten-free products

Corporate identity «Shcherbakov SMM Agency»

SMM services company
Development of corporate identity, design for social networks, marketing materials for «Shcherbakov SMM Agency»

Corporate identity, illustrations «Business Magi»

A series of books, a school of child development

Crypto Cosmos

Illustration series for Utorg Blog

Crypto Cosmos: Illustration series

Art project «Ukraine 2077»

Cyberpunk Future. The case of creating work with a neural network

Art project "Ukraine 2077". Stable Diffusion created image, girl, ukrainian symbols, future of ukraine. cover

Corporate identity «Adam's»

Water treatment, production, delivery company


Different illustrations (teasers, banners, posts, …)

Illustration of a flying girl by Marina Smiian

Corporate identity «SaleRS»

Consulting company
Corporate identity «SaleRS». logo design. full logo

Logo «7GReenLine»

A company specializing in eco-technology
Logo of "7GReenLine" specialising in eco-technology, recycling of materials

Logo «Golden Babylon»

Fresh vegetables in a vacuum pack
Логотип «Золотой Вавилон» продажа овощей оптом. Logo "Golden Babylon" sale of vegetables wholesale.

Logo «Khortitsa Dental Forum»

All-Ukrainian Conference on Modern Therapeutic Dentistry and Periodontology
Логотип "Хортицкий стоматологический форум" стоматологическое сообщество. Logo "Khortytsky Dental Forum" dental community

Logo «Lara Ferret»

Logo for a music group
Логотип певицы «Lara Ferret» . The logo of the singer "Lara Ferret"

Packaging and labels of Veda Vedica creams

Label and box design for creams. Three types: night protection, day care, natural moisturizing
Packaging and labels for Veda Vedica creams. Face cream packaging design.. Упаковка и этикетки для кремов Veda Vedica.