How to make a 3D photo on Facebook? Guide.

Pseudo 3D photo on Facebook, what is it?

D photos on Facebook have been available for quite some time now (since around November 2018) and were initially exclusive to owners of flagship iPhones such as the 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, XS, and XS Max (there’s equality in Apple products for you), but later support was added for devices on Android, as long as they have two cameras (but that’s not a hard rule).

Recently, however, the ability to create 3D photos was introduced to regular users.

Logic of creating a 3D photo:

The implementation of pseudo 3D in graphic design, 3D, and games is not new. It is usually achieved by creating parallax – a multilayered image in which 2D objects move on different layers, creating an illusion of depth and perspective.

However, such implementation is almost impossible for phones and regular users, as it requires separating objects, making them transparent, and the resulting photo is a 2D image.

Facebook has found a solution by using “depth maps,” an old technology that is almost always used in 3D software. The technology works by creating a black and white image, in which white areas represent high 3D areas and black areas represent low areas. When combined with a photo, we get a pseudo 3D volume.

For example, a depth map is prepared for a photo texture of a tree, and when combined, we get a texture with characteristic tree volume instead of a flat texture.

Instructions on how to create 3D photos on Facebook using Photoshop:

1. Choose your photo, preferably with a distinct background transition:

3D фото в Facebook инструкция

2. Mark the space in the photo:

3D фото в Facebook инструкция

3. Using any tool (selection, pen, brush, …), start filling in our objects, keeping in mind that black represents the far distance and white represents the closest. If there are areas where the space recedes into the distance, use a gradient, but within reason to avoid distortions.

Work in different layers to be able to make corrections at any point.

3D фото в Facebook инструкция
3D фото в Facebook инструкция карта глубины

4. We now have our depth map. The most important step is to save this depth map with the name: “photo name”_depth.

For example, if the photo is named “Guy.jpg”, the depth map should be named “Guy_depth.jpg”.

5. Drag and drop both photos into a Facebook post. The photos will merge together, and a 3D icon will appear, indicating that the photo is being processed. After a few seconds, the final result will be generated.

Examples of 3D photos on Facebook:

3D фото в Facebook инструкция
3D фото в Facebook инструкция карта глубины
3д фото Фейсбук креатив
3д фото Фейсбук креатив карта глубины

Also, in the new versions of Photoshop, neural filters have appeared, which can simplify the creation of a depth map.

Instructions for creating a depth map in Photoshop using neural filters:

  1. Open the image in Photoshop.
  2. Go to the Filter menu > Neural Filters > Depth Blur.
  3. In the opened Depth Blur window, apply the filter and select the checkbox “Output depth map only” in its settings.
  4. But remember that you cannot change the selected focus object in the settings, and the depth map is generated on its own.
  5. Click the “Apply” button to create a depth map.
  6. Adjust the image manually.

The finished depth map can be saved as a separate file and used to create 3D effects in the photo.

Due to this implementation, artifacts may sometimes occur, and it’s best not to view the photo in full size. But on mobile or in the feed, it looks great!

Now you can create your own 3D photos on Facebook and collect likes, or you can order 3D image creation from us.