Designer Nick Chubarov & illustrator Marina Smiian

Gluten-free products by «Ms.Tally»

Gluten-free brand products «Ms.Tally»

Gluten-free products by «Ms.Tally». Logo and product packaging design Design task: Creating logo, illustrations and product packaging design for «Ms.Tally» — The logo Package design Label design Illustrations Creative Logo design: «Ms.Tally» is a leader in the Ukrainian market of gluten-free products. Pasta, flour, baking mixes and other gluten-free products. Officially certified products. The […]

Crypto Cosmos: Illustration series for Utorg Blog

Crypto Cosmos: Illustration series

Crypto Cosmos: Illustration series for Utorg Blog Design task: Creating a series of illustrations for Utorg (a company that provides a modern fiat-to-crypto exchange infrastructure to deliver a world-class user experience.) . twitter utorg Illustration  Creative Work: The company asked me to create a series of illustrations that reflected their values and spirit, using symbols […]

Art project «Ukraine 2077»

Art project "Ukraine 2077". Stable Diffusion created image, girl, ukrainian symbols, future of ukraine. cover

Art project «Ukraine 2077» Design task: Creating an art project inspired by the universe of «Cyberpunk 2077» and creative design elements. The work involved the use of new tools — graphic neural networks. This technique can be utilized to produce artistic visuals for brands, media personalities, or as a substitute for stock imagery in various […]

Corporate identity «SaleRS»

Corporate identity «SaleRS». logo design. full logo

Corporate identity «SaleRS» Design task: Development of corporate identity, desing guidelines, direction of website graphics, company animations, social media design, marketing materials for «SaleRS». Corporate IdentityDesign guidelines Social media Creative Corporate identity: «SaleRS» is a company dedicated to scaling businesses from small to medium, from medium to large. Developing strategies for companies. Conducting training sessions […]

Corporate identity «Adam’s»

Corporate identity «Adam's» Water treatment, production, delivery company.

Corporate identity «Adam’s» Design task: Creating logo, corporate identity, package, marketing materials for «Adam’s» — The logoCorporate IdentityPackage designCreative Corporate identity: Adam’s Water Delivery Shop-Gallery specializes in the production of purified water. The company also delivers bottled water to offices, schools and people. «Adam’s» constantly participates in social events, supports kindergartens and boarding houses. […]

Corporate identity «Shcherbakov SMM Agency»

Corporate identity design "Shcherbakov SMM Agency", SMM services company - social networks design

Corporate identity «Shcherbakov SMM Agency» Design task: Development of corporate identity, design for social networks, marketing materials for «Shcherbakov SMM Agency». The logoCorporate IdentityIllustrationSocial mediaCreative Corporate identity: «Shcherbakov SMM Agency» is a company engaged in social media marketing (advertising in social networks). Works in the directions of Facebook, Instagram advertising. It was important for the […]


Illustration of a Ukrainian girl by Marina Smiian

Illustrations Other illustrations: illustrations that were commissioned by clients by the piece or were drawn for non-commercial projects. If you like something, you can order an illustration in the style you want. IllustrationDrawingsCreativity Thanks! Order your design or illustration!

Corporate identity, illustrations «Business Magi»

Business Magi - case of corporate identity and illustrations for a children's education company. Бизнес маги - кейс фирменного стиля и иллюстраций для компании обучения детей.

Corporate identity, illustrations «Business Magi» Design task: Creating logo, design, illustrations for books, marketing design, style for social networks for Business School for Kids. The logoCorporate IdentityIllustrationSocial mediaBooksCreative Corporate identity: Business Magicians is not only a series of books, but also a school for child development. The style incorporates the direction of graphics, color, gamification […]

Редизайн обложки книги «Капитал» К.Маркса

Редизайн обложки книги «Капитал» К.Маркса. Creative book cover design, graphic design. Креативный дизайн обложки книги, графический дизайн.

Редизайн обложки книги «Капитал» К.Маркса Задача: Редизайн обложки для книги. 4 тома, разработка суперобложки. Креатив Книги Полиграфия Процесс: У клиента было 4 книги старого издания книги (книги 1973 года). Задача сделать современно и визуально привлекательно, для размещения на полках, рядом с бизнес литературой. Было продумано соединение корешков книг в одну общую композицию, с визуальными отличиями […]

How to remove glasses from a photo, hand retouching

Removal of glasses from a photo, hand retouching

How to remove glasses from a photo, hand retouching I will describe my work on one job, with a non-standard task — to remove the glasses from the photo. I did the work in Adobe Photoshop and used a Wacom graphics tablet to draw the details. First of all, assess the photo, see how we […]