Designer Nick Chubarov & illustrator Marina Smiian

Corporate identity, illustrations «Business Magi»

Design task:

Creating logo, design, illustrations for books, marketing design, style for social networks for Business School for Kids.

The logo
Corporate Identity
Social media

Corporate identity:

Business Magicians is not only a series of books, but also a school for child development. The style incorporates the direction of graphics, color, gamification of learning, and the diversity of learning directions. We constantly consulted with children’s teachers in our work.


The client already had his first book published, which had children’s illustrations. The second book was intended for an older audience (children ages 12+) — and we designed the characters and illustrations for the book in a more realistic style. Then the illustrations were drawn for social media and marketing materials.

Social media networks:

Developed design, illustrations for the work of the children’s school in the social networks. Primary images — instagram, Facebook.