Designer Nick Chubarov & illustrator Marina Smiian

Art project «Ukraine 2077»

Design task:

Creating an art project inspired by the universe of «Cyberpunk 2077» and creative design elements. The work involved the use of new tools — graphic neural networks.

This technique can be utilized to produce artistic visuals for brands, media personalities, or as a substitute for stock imagery in various creative endeavors.

Art project
Neural Networks

Work Stages:

Thinking over the idea/composition → sketching iPad → photoshooting the model in the right angle → training the neural network on the photos of the model → working in the neural network (Stable Diffusion) → compositing\finishing in Photoshop+Wacom.

Final result:

The final artwork is the culmination of a series of deliberate actions. While the «photobash» technique could have been employed to achieve the desired outcome, it would have considerably prolonged the execution time.

It is evident that neural networks offer valuable assistance in creative work, but they are not a substitute for the ingenuity and finesse of a skilled designer.